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Arc Open Space serves to link and network certified security personnel and Businesses. It takes away the stress of hunting for resources to meet your demands, its timely because it's at your fingertips an all in one Database. Firms and personnel are profiled and categorised reducing risk on hiring. Interactive recruitment designed for blow-outs through a bidding system to protect the personnel and the hiring firms*. Fast and reliable payment via the App. In-built customer resolution model to resolve queries fast and efficiently. 

E-commerce site designed with both members and Business in mind.
SafeArc is the newest enhanced tagging app that has health features that are not just futuristic but also takes care of your agents whilst you monitor them from your HQ.

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Our Apps Arc Open Space & SafeArc are highly responsive mobile applications, they seamlessly run on your phones as a lightweight application, updated regularly with security patches. It does not impact negatively on your phone memory

What Makes Us Special?

Our Apps Arc open Space & Safe Arc are highly responsive mobile applications, it seamlessly runs on your phones as a light weight application, updated regularly with security patches. It does not impact negatively on your phone memory during use.


  • Highly rated
  • Seamless Integration with mobile phones
  • No nasty adverts
The Apps were developed with your needs in mind, it has capabilities to generate live reports of security agents already registered with us in pdf format with graphs.


  • Graphical representation of agents activities
  • PDF report for view, sent by email and can be download
  • No nasty adverts
The Apps were developed with the latest security apparatus, all registered agents and companies details are highly secured. The applications is constantly being updated against any form of security risk


  • Developed with the latest security framework
  • Registered with the government security agencies in the UK
  • Maintained by latest anti-malware software

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Our business objective is linking security agents to the security companies without incurring a large overhead and also making sure that all registered officers benefit from the format that our platform creates. Register your interest now and Download the App from the 26th  November 2021. We apologize for the delay as this is due to the disruption brought about by Covid -19.
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This app is focused on the health, safety and security of the users and acts as a link for real-time monitoring of agents and networks built around the work environment. Built for Business Firms that take people as their most important assets.  * Register your interest now. Coming Soon!


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